Raw Tileset Data Compilation + Video Tutorial

I figured that this might be a helpful resource, a compilation of ripped tilesets from the other, non-FE7 GBA Fire Emblems. Ever wanted the Western Isles tileset, or FE8’s improved Plains & Castle for your hack? The idea is, anyone who rips a tileset posts it up here for everyone else. Eventually we’ll have all of the meaningful ones ripped, and tileset imports will only be a simple ctrl+c/ctrl+p and a pointer adjustment away!

Snowy Overworld
Western Isles - Overworld
Western Isles - Village
Fields & Bridge
Grado Keep
FE8 Plains & Castle
FE8 Town & Dock
FE8 Mountains & Shrine
FE8 Lava Caves

If you’re not quite sure what to make of these files, give this video a quick view:


Don’t see a FE8 Overworld yet, so…

[FE8 Overworld][1]
[1]: https://www.mediafire.com/?xed7hcvzb4eev8x

FE8 Plains were not on here.

FE8 Plains

Don’t know if it was just a downloading error or something, but when Ghaststation and I tried to insert the FE8 Town and Docks Palette (both 1 and 2) the water was glitchy. I extracted the palette from FE8 myself and it worked. I checked and the downloaded one and the one I extracted were different so thought I should let you know.

That’s why there’s a file included labeled “Animation,” you’ll need to import that because the vanilla FE7 water animation for the town/dock tileset doesn’t work properly.

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Anyone have any FE7 tilesets ripped? Seems strange to only have FE6 and 8.

Because most everyone hacks FE7 primarily, there’s no need for them to have the FE7 tileset, because everyone already has it baked in. It goes back to the idea that because FE7 is the most robustly studied, it gets the most attention. That then causes further study, and the cycle repeats.

All right, well we clearly know how to rip tilesets, so how do I do it?

Dig through the rom with GBAGE. find palettes the usual way. No idea on the animation datas though

OK so far I have:

  • Use Event References module to find object sets, palettes, and tile configs.
  • Copy the palettes (I think there are 10? but FE8 only has white fog of war so it might be different)
  • Use GBAGE to make a raw dump of the object sets and tile configs
  • Use NL compressor to LZ77 recompress the object sets and tile configs
  • Insert as per tutorial

And now it works.

For animation data, FE7 and 8 seem to work differently. FE8 looks to be a pointer table to a series of palettes that it cycles through, FE7 has a table with palette pointers + some other data I don’t recognize.

For those who want something like FE6’s chapter 7: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b9pnq3klk1xoaxj/FE6%20Village%20%26%20Castle.rar?dl=0

This is great and all, but there’s no FE8 fields without the castle.
Actually, I just need the palette.

I would get it myself, but I have tried and failed. I’m pretty sure I’m looking in the right place in my FE8 ROM, but the palette is uncompressed, and I’m not sure how big it is. I’m not sure how much data to grab.

Map palettes are 0x140 bytes in size

This looks so much better than the FE7 palette. I never thought the data would be that big. I guess it is uncompressed.

Thank you so much.

All of these files cause Error 404s.

these were posted before the big dropbox update that broke links.