RaqRandomizer V0.1 Easter Public Beta

Hiya!!! I’ve been working on this randomizer for almost 22 years now, ever since I first tried FE4 when I was about -4 years old. Finally, we have reached the point where I can release this with confidence that you will all enjoy.


-Stat randomization w/ variance
-Growth randomization w/ variance
-Personal skill randomization
-Hair colour randomization
-Class randomization w/ exclude Sylvia option
-Starting inventory randomization
-Enemy Randomization
-Shop randomization w/ option to include rings
-Ring randomization w/ option to include weapons
-Option to enable buying/selling of holy weapons
-Option to auto-unequip broken weapons
-Option to allow anyone to inherit any holy weapon
-Option to allow anyone to inherit sword skills (ASL)
-Holy blood randomization
-Music randomization
-Battle music randomization
-Tome price updates
-Tome usage updates
-No longer locked when long range tome is in inventory
-Generals can move through mountains with a terrain cost of 4
-Sigurd/Seliph seize based on Character ID rather than Class ID


Apply to any FE4, J or English patched, headered or unheadered, it should work fine.Enjoy!


this is funny, i must say.

i love having a rom where everybody is sharlow XD.

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