Range: Total

Setting the range of a weapon as 0xFF lets the range display as “Total”.

However, this isn’t functional, so it ends up being a 15 to 15 range weapon.

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Wasn’t “Total” range used exclusively for the S-Ranked staves in FE6/FE8 (Saint’s Staff and Latona)? I know no such item exists in FE7, so maybe it’s not functional in this game.

Speaking of which, has anyone ported Saint’s Staff or Latona to FE7? I find it odd that the effect doesn’t exist in FE7 to begin with.

As display only. @Arch and I did some testing and it has no bearing whatsoever on staff range, which is tied to usage effect only (I think).

In other news, I have a very hacky solution to make weapons with range total, but it modifies a getter. Just that I did it in a debugger so didn’t want to rearrange calls or anything to make space.

[7/2/15, 1:11:20 AM] Crazy Colorz: 0801737C to mov r0, r1 (1C08) (will cause bugs — work around in future)
08023C84 to FF 28 02 D1 FF 23 00 24 03 E0 03 09 03 0F 24 04 40 C0 46
[7/2/15, 1:13:23 AM] Crazy Colorz: Note the total range somehow makes the unit not get the base hit?

In fact, it seems to not let her have an equipped weapon at all :P.

staff ranges are in the usage codes themselves so that wouldn’t have any bearing anyway

Yeah, I mean it’s tied to the item effect(which is also used as the index for usability) and not the display range or even the range in the item data at all.