Random Hacks by Blazer & Ryrumeli

I have a few things that Blazer and other people(Ryrumeli) made for me a while ago but I forgot existed. I don’t think he’ll mind if I share what he’s done either. Possibly even some of this can be expanded upon in the future or something, I don’t know. Note: these all are for FE7(not sure how easily ported they are), and all of these hacks can work in conjuncture with each other(I’m using all of them).

Knight Ward Hack - Blazer
This makes item 0xBE into a knight ward(passively gives +2 def/res to the holder without being equipped).
Character Changer Hack - Blazer
This hack changes one character slot into another effectively, while changing their inventory(with the exception of item 5). It’s possible to use this to change a character into their own slot but change their inventory. (Ex: Eliwood has an iron sword one chapter, and the next his iron sword is gone and he has a steel sword and a rapier.)
Special Weapon Bonus Hack - Blazer
What this does is grant a passive bonus to units when they have specific weapons equipped(the same bonuses you could get from S rank bonuses). I’ve included the NM Module for it as well, it’s defaulted at 0xD0CCBC, but it should be changed to wherever you put the table.
Variable Effectiveness Hack - Blazer
This hack makes the second “UNKNOWN” in the item editor into a weapon effectiveness variable. The notes spell out what it does, but having a default of 0 will keep the effectiveness at x2(what it originally is).
AS Changer Hack - Ryru
This was made by Ryrumeli before his computer… you all know the story.
It changes the AS formula to calculate based off of both Strength and Con(Str+Con)/2. I don’t have any notes or souce for this one though, I apologize.


I’m very curious about the passive bonus of the Knight Ward and Special Weapon Bonus. The AS Changer is fairly trivial once you know [exactly where and how the game calculates AS][1].
[1]: [FE7] Charting the Battle Stat Computations

I think all of the sources I have are in those .zip folders, let me know if anything is missing.

This one’s piqued my interest. So if I’m reading this correctly, could you use this to replicate the Ninian/Nils switch, where one character leaves and then another characters takes over with the same stats/weapon levels/etc?

Yeah you can do that with this. :o

Okay, I ported the Character Changing hacks to FE8. I don’t think they’ll work on the first run(nothing ever does)
[fe8 source][2]
[edited Notes/instructions][3]
[fe8 with no item change][4]
[fe8 with no item change source][5]

By the way, did you test the original Character Changer? It doesn’t seem like it should work as Blazer treated a 1-aligned array(the character data) as if it should be 0-aligned.

This probably won’t work until I come back and edit something, FYI.

and all of these hacks can work in conjuncture with each other(I’m using all of them).

yeah I’ve tested them, idk maybe he got lucky?

Whoa I can’t believe I missed this.
It’s beautiful, I really needed it!
Gotta be testing this soon

Erm, I’m pretty confident that this does not work yet. But I can take another look over it if you think you’ll need it?

Yeah, I really need this. I’ve some concepts that only work with this code.
And, I also need this to fix the autocursor in Shiori Mode.