Ragefest V: The Enragement Ring OFFICIAL THREAD


Art by Avraxas

Read this for all the information you need to know

OR you can watch the official video announcement!

Denizens of FEU, why do you hack?

It begins


Just a friendly reminder from your neighborhood Joe.

Ragefest V’s deadline is less than a month away from now!


An important message and a sigh of relief for some


Is there an official sign-up anywhere, or do we just submit a submission by the deadline date?


Submit by deadline date.


A small update to slightly de-incentivize submitting to Ragefest Echoes instead of Ragefest V. Echoes is supposed to be a side event, not the main event.


Here is the list of Ragefest V submissions I currently have. If you send me your submission and it is not listed here, notify me. If you’ve been updating your submission a lot, make sure to check in with me on either the 10th or the 17th. I don’t wanna end up playing an outdated version of your submission and misrepresenting your work.


Important announcement time again!


Ragefest V submissions are due 11:59 PM EST, TONIGHT!!!

If you submit after that deadline, it will be entered in Ragefest Echoes, so bear that in mind!


Well, I forgot to post the first submission’s videos, so uh… I’ll just link the playlist

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