Quick question involving patches and saves

I’m relatively new to playing Rom Hacks. I recently started to play a Hack for fe8 on VBA, and I would say I’m almost to the halfway mark by this point. But just today I realized that I had forgotten to install the music patch that came along with the game. I was just wondering, if I patch that music folder into the game file, will my current save file and save states no longer be compatible with the ROM due to having differences with the ROM? I highly doubt this is the case, however I would much rather be safe and double check so as to make sure I don’t lose the progress I already have. Thank you in advance for any answers.

Clean rom + ups_patch_1 + ups_patch_2 = dead rom generally speaking

The music patch is probably an alternate ups you could patch onto the vanilla rom. I assume the .sav file should work between these alternative versions of the same game. Savestates may or may not work in slightly different versions of the rom depending on where new stuff was put. It’ll often work fine if new stuff was only added to the end of the rom, but if anything got moved, then they usually break.