Questions regarding FEbuilder [FE8 hacking]

I’m pretty new to FEbuilder (about a month) and hacking I already made two chapters (3 hours long) for a hack project that i’m working on (hopefully I will be able to make it a complete 20-30 chapter hack when I’m done) and I wanted a forum for asking questions regarding hacking as im new to this and here’s a list of questions that I have.

1.How do you make items drop-able on bosses/units?

2.I have a glitch where the ranking up of skills/weapons looked extremely buggy when it did happen and sometimes it occurred even when the weapon rank wasn’t increased. Is there a way to fix this?

3.How do increase the amount of classes in the ROM? I know there’s a patch for class expansion however I am unsure how to use it or if it even works.

Thank you I willl update this when I have more questions regarding hacking and FEbuilder.

  1. Click where the arrow is pointing and click “Drop Item”. The last item on the list becomes drop-able.

  2. I’ve never heard of an issue like that before, could you explain more?

  3. As far as I know, currently increases the number of classes screws up the ROM, because FE8 is already at the max amount of classes. I would recommend replacing classes you aren’t going to use(i.e monster classes)

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For question 2 this is the issue that i’m experiencing for all my units.

Oh. Hm… that’s weird. I’m not quite sure what’s happening, but to me, it looks like something got overwritten somewhere.

send report7z on febuilder thread

perhaps Its two patches overlapping with each other but then again how would you uninstall a patch it asks me for backups.

Please don’t make a single question thread for all of your questions; it makes it harder for people who come after you to identify which threads may have the same quesitons that they do.

Why not send report7z?

I answered with discord,
This is because you changed TextID 0x0,0x1.
Do not change this area.


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