Questions about traps and gorgon eggs

Question1: Fire/ Gas traps
A) Are these trap events tied to specific type of tiles? Or can these be used anywhere with anything?
B) If they are tied to specific type of tiles, when a tile change occurs through events
do the traps still trigger? Or are they disabled?

Question2: How gorgon eggs work?
Each egg has a timer on when it begins to “grow”
another “timer” until it matures (Egg MaxHP)
and another factor that determines what monster pops out of it.

EGG [X,Y] 0x? 0x??
The 2 values next to the coordinates, what are they used for?

1A) No
1B) Yes
2) From Raws/Traps.txt:

##Gorgon egg
EGG, 0, 6, -language:FE8 -unsafe -priority:ballista -indexMode:8 -offsetMod:1
0xC, 0, 1, -fixed
##Position of the trap
Position, 1, 2, -coordinates:2 -preferredBase:10
##Direction of the trap
Unknown, 4, 1
##Size of the trap
Unknown2, 5, 1

And event assembler language.txt:

EGG [Position X, Position Y] Unknown Unknown2
Gorgon egg
Position = Position of the trap
Unknown = Direction of the trap
Unknown2 = Size of the trap

So it’s either unknown because we never tried it out, Or leftover from other traps.

Um…Yes/No to which question?
Are they Tile-dependent or no?

Ok, I’ll go check the vanilla eggs then.

They aren’t tile dependent, so the answer to question 1B is automatically yes

Ok here’s how Gorgon eggs work for anyone interested:

  • They are enemies (meaning they take normal enemy slots) but at the same time they are tile events too.
  • A gorgon egg cannot exist if it is not set as an enemy too, even if it is set as an event.
    (Meaning you can set 30 eggs as events but make only 15 of them available for smashing when you set them as enemies)
  • A gorgon egg will always spawn a gorgon class enemy.
  • Eggs will regen 5HP from the turn you set them to start growing.
  • Eggs will always start at 5 base HP.

Setting them as events:
EGG [X,Y] 0xA 0xB
[X,Y] are the coordinates
0xA <= This the enemy turn the egg will start to regenerate (0x1 means it starts to grow right at Enemy Phase 1)
0xB <= This is the enemy’s level when the egg finally hatches. Always auto levels the stats.
Write the level in simple hex, not in the usual way you write enemy levels.

ex. EGG [X,Y] 0x8 0xA = A Lv10 gorgon will hatch. The egg will start growing at enemy phase 8.

Setting them as enemies:
Even if you set the above event, the egg will not appear unless you put an egg on it from the enemy placement label.

UNIT 0xBA 0x62 0x0 0xA [X,Y] 0b 0x0 0x0 0x0 [0xE,0xE,0x0,0x0] [0x0,0x0,0x0,0x0]
0x62 = Egg class enemy
0xA = This is normally the enemy’s level, BUT here this sets the egg’s MaxHP value:

  • 0xD = egg has 10HP
  • 0x15 = 15HP
  • 0x1D = 20HP
  • 0x25 = 25HP
    0xE = the equipment the gorgon will carry when she finally hatches
    You also set the AI the gorgon will use when/ if she hatches.

ex. EGG [X,Y] 0x8 0xA with UNIT 0xBA 0x62 0x0 0x1D
The egg will start growing at enemy phase 8.
It will then take 3 more turns to mature. (20MHP - 5BaseHP =15. 15 /5HP per turn = 3)
A Lv10 gorgon will hatch.