Questions about hacking FE8 (Using FEBuilder)

Hello everyone I come back with some questions that will help me better RE7

01 Q: How I can expand tables of tilesets and tile palettes?
02 Q: How I can add a new tale?
03 Q: Exist a patch that affords the use of a distinct text bubble type?

01 A:

02 A:

3 A:?

Use MAP PLIST Editor, you can add/edit pointers to Object/Palette/Tile Config/Tile Animation there

FE8 has Prologue/Tutorial, Eirika and Ephraim modes, that should be more than enough to make Lyn/Eliwood/Hector tales.
If you’re looking for a menu similar to FE7, you’ll need ASM. Otherwise you can use the Lord Split menu to select one of the modes.

4 min vid

From my thread FEBuilder Video Tutorials


@Mikey_seregon and @Vesly your answers were great help about the tilesets.

I only found the “Eirika’s Tale” and “Ephraim’s Tale” Character Editor but only I can edit two with this I can leave to Hector and Eliwood only lack “Lyn’s Story” you say that in the Prologue there I can edit this, Where can I edit this inside of FEBuilder?

Those two editors are only for the characters that have the command Seize and Supply, you can use the Multiple Seize and Multiple Supply patches to have three main characters.

What parches I should install?
But this will do the 3 lords can they seize the gates and thrones?

Yes, you can make any character be able to seize with that patch.

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One more answer that was of help.

I have a new question, Exist a patch that affords the use of distinct text bubble type?

How do I get the player to make mandatory moves? I tried to see how it does Vanilla but I don’t understand, can they help me please?

I have a new problem, how I can give a item to unit and not appearce the bubble the “you get item x”?

There is a patch for it: Add Event: SilentGiveItem. Install the patch, and that should unlock a command that allows you to give items without being notified.


Hey thanks that will be of very much help

I am not certain, but most UI stuff is generally TSA which really just means annoying to edit.

Luckily Snek came out with a tool to make it easier recently.

And Pikmin has this tutorial on the general process, though he did it for custom battle frames, not custom text boxes.

Hope that helps.

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Tequila’s Text Engine Rework comes with a new text bubble type, I imagine it’d be a good framework to use for further ones.


for the third question, this is the answer more similar, but I have a question about it and is how I could insert it using FEBuilder?

Use the EA installer under advanced editors.

I tried do it with another ASM, but I not understand how do it correctly.

Some asm can be easily inserted via febuilder & some cannot. It’s based on if it is dependent on other non-vanilla code or not. For example, I wrote a patch called “PreBattleTable” months ago that nobody can use because it requires an update to the SkillSystems patch that hasn’t happened yet. You can use it in a buildfile, but not febuilder unless you run a custom build of skillsys.

If the hack you are installing is easily compatible, then it can be made into a patch or installed by simply opening the Installer.event with febuilder.

Please share additional details on any error messages you get if you are having trouble.

Well I tried install it and I believe I could do, but when I try use is confuse the according to create maybe I have to use @ instead of [] (in FEBuilder) but if I try write some one how is:
@80@2A@3 FEB take it how [0x0080][0x002A][A] and not put the box text with the box type text what I wish, the creator is not very clarificent