Question regarding Follow-Up Attacks

Hello. One year later, and I’m still doing my first hack.
This time, I want to ask a very simple question.
How can I prohibit a weapon from performing follow-up attacks?
I added ballisticians and brand new ballistae to my game, and I want them to function like they did in the DS Archanea games, where they cannot make a follow-up attack / double the enemies.
The thing is… I don’t know how to do that. Can it actually be done?
I think it can, since Eligor’s Spears made the 1-2 range physical weapons unable to follow-up attack.

Well, that’s the only thing I wanted to ask. Thank you, whoever is reading this!


If I’m right. Using high numbers in Weight can make the weapon heavier and as result make it only attack once.
However, this is only a short time solution and sometimes won’t work as planned.

I quickly did this:
Changed ‘‘Weight’’ to 60 and give a test in a mage, considering they have status like 28/29 skill and speed. After some tries with low numbers, the 60 worked, and they only attacked once.
I hope this can help, however may someone with more experience could give a better answer, changing some HEX Codes that I unfortunately don’t understand could give more pleasant results…
But by now this is a not so dangerous way of doing what you plan.
I wish the best of luck for you and your project.
I hope this can help you.


if you’re using skill systems, put in 0xC in this box



Thank you so, so much! That does the trick!
I also want to thank Dark for their kind words, damn I love this community. :heart: