Question on ROMhacking Etiquette

Hey, Silvio here with a question on ROMhacking etiquette.

This is my first time really dipping my foot into the ROMhacking scene and I gotta say, it’s been a blast, if not extremely overwhelming (but that can happen when you’re technically a 1 person team working a 9-5).

My digression aside: I had a question that I thought maybe fellow ROMhackers had an answer to.

Let’s say I have an idea for one of my characters on what I’d ideally like him to be class wise. I know what weapons I’d like for him to use, because that’s what I envision him using. Lo and behold, the Repo (god bless the repo) unfortunately doesn’t have an animation for a certain weapon and you obviously don’t want to mix and match animations, but another ROMhack has what you’re looking for basically to a T. Would it be proper etiquette for me to use that animation as long as I make sure the original owner/user of said animation is credited properly?

It it’s in a particular hack and not the repo you’ll most definitely want to ask the creator about it.


In that particular case you described, I would get in touch with the creator of said assets and ask for their permission to use them in your project.


Awesome, I appreciate the help greatly.