Question on importing and exporting skills through FEBuilder

In the skill config menu in FEbuilder there is an option to bulk export and import skills. I tried exporting a skill from a different hack and importing it into a Fe8 rom to mess around with skills in Fe8. When importing the .tsv file I got from exporting, it says data importing completed but nothing changes so I’m unsure what to do next.

That’s not what skill import/export means. It allows you to export/import skill allocations (like assigning skill 0x1D to class 0x2A). To actually change what skills are available in the rom, you will have to use skill custom build or use a buildfile.

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lol I’m dumb. Thanks for clearing up my confusion. I was just trying to avoid having to learn how to make custom skills, but I think I’m just gonna stop being lazy and learn to make my own.