[Question] How to make more events after more bosses die?

I already know how to activate events after a certain boss dies, but what I’m wondering is how you would make more events occur after another boss dies.

I used the event trigger id 0x02 in the Death Quote editor for one boss, but if I use it again, the same event that I used to trigger the first boss will happen.

I tried using a different id like 0x30 or something, but nothing happens after the boss dies.

What am I doing wrong?

AFEV 0x08 CorrinDies 0x02
AFEV 0x51 ReisenDies 0x66

CAM1 [10,6]
CURF [10,6]
TEX1 0x800

EDIT: Sorry did not put the events in here they are:

Line 370 Col 26 For the misc event

Line 454 Col 12 for the ReisenDies event

Can we see your events please?

I have this for the first boss AFEV 0x08 CorrinDies 0x02

If you want another character’s death to trigger an event in the same chapter, just change that character’s event trigger ID in the Death Quote editor to one that has not been used yet in that chapter (like 0x30 for instance). Then, use the AFEV code in your Misc_events with that ID so the event can trigger when that particular character dies.

For example:
AFEV 0x31 Death2 0x30
Event 0x31, titled Death2, will take place after event 0x30 occurs, which is the death of the boss with trigger ID 0x30.

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Will try that

Next time you would like event help please post the entire text please

Sorry overlooked that, it is in the post now.