Question: Event Condition count keeps resetting

I’m trying to make a dungeon map with lots of doors and chests. To do this, I need to make a lot of Map Objects. Currently, there are 47 on the map. I used Data Expansion to add more slots, but every time I close the menu, the number resets to 7. What’s stranger is I can set the count back to 47, and the data is still saved, but the count still resets to 7 once closed. Is there any way to keep the 47 events I need for the map?

(I would embed screenshots, but I can’t because my account is too recent, sorry)

Tile Events and Tile changes are often tied together, check the Tile change menu if you haven’t already. Beyond that, check if the addresses of any of the Tile events or Tile changes coincide with something else, like a chapter start event or a turn event.

I’ve encountered things like this many times before, and I never understand what caused them or how I fixed them. At the end of the day, you may just need to mess around enough and it’ll fix itself.

I think your 8th entry is all 0s. FEBuilder looks through the data until it finds the termination data (often all 0s or 0xFFs) and stops looking when it finds that. This is based on how the game reads the data.

Solved! I had 0s as placeholders for the breakable walls (that I’m still figuring out). Thanks for the reply!

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