Question about the Engage soundtrack

I would like to revamp my public “Best music from across the Fire Emblem series” playlist on Youtube, and I wanted to know if you anyone could please guide me to someone who’s done the map themes in Engage mixed (by that I mean both the map and the in-battle theme)?

EXAMPLE: A Bloom in the Breeze (Calm, Blossom mix)

By this I don’t mean the ones that are extended to at least 15 minutes, but more like the 5 minute ones that were done for Fates, where the map theme transitions into the battle variant.

I couldn’t find a channel that does 5 minute music videos. But this one is pretty close to what you mentioned:

I’m afraid it’s not quite it.
It doesn’t necessarily have to be 5 minutes as much as it has to play the map variant one or two times before transitioning into the battle variant.
I also couldn’t find anything beside videos that just put both of them over each other, and it doesn’t really let me appreciate the 2 distinct, individual variations.
Thank you very much for answering anyway!