Question about rules on rom distribution

Is it allowed to put .gba files in our hack folders that aren’t actually roms? For example, we have some roms that are actually just videos of cutscenes from FE9 and we were wondering whether it was allowed to put those in a google drive folder linked in an FEU post.

Edit: To be more clear, it’s a video file scaled down to the GBA, not a real game. It’s not a rom of FE6-8 or any other GBA game or even any other game for that matter.

…why would the video not be a video file

or rather, why wouldn’t you upload the video file

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It’s probably fine in that case, but you might want to just rename the file extensions to something else so people like me don’t get confused. I saw Fire Emblem.gba among other files in there and so I pmed you thinking they must be ROMs, lol.

I’d suggest simply recording the video playing and saving it as an MP4 to prevent any such confusion. There’s almost no legitimate reason to allow anything that looks like it might be a ROM except under extremely specific circumstances.

That is to say, it’s not necessarily wrong to share the video, probably, but if alternatives exist I’d certainly recommend them.

Even though the file in question isn’t an actual rom cause the file extension is named .gba, that can be misleading and it could get striked down just because it just looks like a gba file. Just keep it simple at being a mp4 video file so nobody can confuse the two, just best off not confusing people and having to answer already the same question each time someone else ask.

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