PSX Suikoden 1

Hello guys

Long time I thinking about this game not hacking yet, I wonder why? , I see many games is hacked like FE series and TRS and other like FF7 also Final fantasy tactics…etc

Is anyone interested in hacking Suikoden 1 ?

Best regards

Hack it in what way?

What are you trying to say ?

Can you be more clearly…

Suikoden - Add Odessa & Ted - Castle of Torn

what do you want to add/remove/modify?

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I want modify, sprite editor and event editor…etc same FE8 ?

Do you have a debugger/disassembler ?

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No I don’t have, For what debugger/disassembler ?

I have locations offset events by hex edit

Yes I have debugger then ?

You need something that will allow you to set breaks so you can see what areas of code do what in a given instance

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I change Phan by Morgan, do you have any idea I want make Suikoden 1 like FE7…

you need a disassembler/debugger otherwise you cant edit the code
unless you want to RAM hack? I dunno what you want

I know how use disassembler/debugger and write/read/breakpoint…etc

Actually I want Odessa not die and let other chaaracter die ?

Also Ted

I found in Debugger for Change Party Members, For how many members in list.