Proper Introductions

Hey everyone! I’m just a little Fire Emblem fan. You can call me Mega, Waffles, or Squish. Hell, come up with your own! I have been around here for quite a while, but only now am I introducing myself!

All of the crazy hacks here has inspired me to whip up my own hack- hopefully, I can create something you all will enjoy! It’s a pleasure to meet all of you!

Maybe I’ll post up some of the early early early things with my hack haha. I have been a bit active on the discord with it. I’m always open to talk/ give feedback on anything! Just message me here and on discord. Can’t wait to meet all of you


Yo, squich… yes, squich. I’m new as well and also planning on making a hack. Call me Cress tho.
I’m self-proclaimed writer with little to no talent in arts but meeh, I’m learning

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Yo, what’s up! Welcome to the forums, nice to meet you as well. That’s all I can think of, I’m bad at Intros xP


Hey there Aspa Cew. I’m Vesly.


Great name

Hoy there, Mega! Welcome to the site!

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