Promotion: Early or Late?


I tend to promote earlier, mostly because I once tried FE7 +40% enemy growths while early promoting and it went surprisingly well. Never really looked back since. Hell, in my hack the max level is 15, so I’m not very keen on 20/20 stats.


Level 15. Namely, because it’s the perfect mix between getting the promo gains early, and maximizing levels.

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I promote around lvl 15-18 if I am having struggles for the most part.

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I like the green numbers and overkill, so I’ll definitely go with Late Promotion. But, as you don’t know what the game maker is preparing for you as late chapter, grinding will be a double-edge blade. If the game maker brings you tough enemies with high stats, god like weapons, you will definitely love that you had grinded your unit. But if the game maker is just a newbie and do not know how to put on a real challenge, late game will just be so boring and sometime you won’t be able to finish the game just because it’s suck.
Also, it is depending on the game maker that if he give you promotion item in earlier chapter or give you freely promotion. If he dose give me that, I’ll promote my unit around lv 15-18 to get huge advantage, 1-2 stats doesn’t make me minded. But if he wasn’t a generous one, why the hell wouldn’t visit the arena, grinding to lv 20, then advanced in the next chapters until I get promotion item, then go back to grinding and when I reach maximum stats, let meet the final and “Yo boy, let uncle Z teach you some real lessons.”

So there are two of my answers for this question. If it was a hacking project or fan game, it would be depended on what the game maker gives me that how would I play his game. If it was a Nintendo original Fire Emblem game, sure hell that late promotion with grinding because I want to know how far could my favorite character will growth.


I usually promote at 10, or maybe 11, but if a unit has been leveling poorly or their stats are mediocre, I’ll usually hold off promotion until level 15, so that any of their lacking stats might get at least 1 or 2 points if I’m lucky.


personally i promote as soon as im able i just find most games easier that way especially on higher difficulties but grinding is fun too


Late promotion for various reasons:

  • Early promotions are overkill even on hard difficulties.
    You have increased survivability and fire power without the challenge to face both of them.

  • Massively reduced EXP gains which hurts even more on non-grinding runs/games.
    Your run’s finite EXP pool and value is diminished for an early unneeded reward.

  • Late promotion strat is a buffer against bad RNG gains.
    You have a unit with bad 5~9 LvUps, promote it, and then it can’t get EXP.
    Results in getting benched after 3~4 maps because it can’t keep up
    wasting the unit’s potential, the promo seal and your time and effort.
    You only created another Jaegan in the end.

  • You reach End-game with lower stats.
    Since your end-game Lvs aren’t ahead enough
    compared to a late promotion, thanks to EXP penalty,
    you end up weaker at the end for no practical reason or reward.

  • Late game promotions allow you to reconsider the units you will use seals on.
    On blind runs you never know for sure who to promote unless you have amassed a stack of seals.

  • On games with post-game grinding, early promos only increase the amount of grind.
    Your lower stat units will need more time, resources and babysitting to max out their stats.
    Also your weaker overall army will need more time to clear maps.

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I don’t know what you guys are smoking. I promote at lvl 20 every time.


Around 14-16. If I’m feeling impatient I usually just promote at level 10.


I used to wait until level 20 all the time but after seeing people’s points I tried shooting for 15 or immediately at 10 if their stats are good enough. Really though it depends on the game.


It’s almost always a better idea to use the promotion items as you get them, especially for mage characters who gain either staffs or the ability to attack on promo. For like Conquest or something waiting is generally a good idea though since the enemy stats get so high towards the end and the game doesn’t give you many characters after the first half.

I also usually hold off till at least level 15 for first playthroughs of games or rom hacls.


Do the offspring not count? You’re bound to get at least 4-5 of them on any given run, not including DLC abuse for supports. I think Conquest is the perfect game to be early-promoting, especially since a lot of units like Arthur, Effie and Nyx will really fall off later in the game regardless of how good their stats are.


iirc Corrin is pretty much the only unit who isn’t instantly promoting in a Conquest run. Everyone else is because they’re just going to get replaced by a prepromote who massively outclasses them later on, with maybe small exceptions of Beruka or Percy since you don’t really get diminishingly returns on wyverns until after the third or fourth one.