Prologue : A Boy from the Internet

“I am Lyn, of the Lorca tribe."
that ain’t right

Hi, it’s ya boy Levin here
I’ve been lurking in several Discord servers and I was quite active in Serenes too

insert I am a long-time FE fan yada yada here
I make sprites
Also interested in music making and romhacking for GBAFE
I have that one hack idea but haven’t retouch that in a very long time

Without further oof, nice to meet you guys
I hope I won’t be somewhat a nuisance here

sprite dump incoming


Those are really nice sprites! How long have you been spriting for?

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My favourites are Kiltias, Azura and Riorde.
Looking nice.

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Hey levin, nice to see ya here.

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I’ve been spriting for… almost 5 years


Ooh, you made Edwind. I saw that mug for the Mekkah PME, its a nice sprite. Big fan of the color palette, suits a thief. :ok_hand:

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oh hi Vandal
thank you! Edwind was actually from Splice Comp I participated back at SF
changed him a bit to be like how he is right now lul

much appreciate much thank

I want to be in the PME :(((((((((

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I could tell he was a splice, but he was a damn good one at that. You added a lot that just meshed well and it all looks really organic, even if it is possible to pick out what you spliced. If there is going to be another thief, which there probably will be, you have little competition. Honestly, you could just backlog the sprites chat and look for thieves, there aren’t many, lol.

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omgomgomgomgomgnew spriters this is great

All of these sprites look lovely. My favorite of the bunch are Ffarman, Hirofumi,and Oswald.

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hewwo fellow spriter uwu

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p much noted wink wink