“Snow falls…
slumber unending…
The snow never stops…
falls in an unsalvagable waste…”

Who are you?”





These screenshots do not represent the finished project

The first act of Project PURGATORY playable in GBA form

YEAH, YEAH, I KNOW! The trailer said the download link would drop today, and that was supposed to be the plan! Unfortunately life got in the way and things had come up. I’m still a student, the maps are still rife with bugs, juggling learning languages and music theory for my game, and I forgot to replace the portraits you’ve been seeing in those screenshots. It also didn’t help I’ve been playing Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn more than I’ve worked on the game… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… but! I’ve only got 1 more maps to finish and a few more to fix. I know, delays suck, but I do want to put out a finished, presentable, and playable patch. The good news is that development is starting to steady up again, so just bear with me, please. Oh, and one more thing: I still never got around to whipping up Jurazo art LOLOLOL.
I also forgot to mention I wanted to make some quick fixes to dialogue I’ve made now that I read them sober from my caffeine trip…


What is this about?
Project PURGATORY is a story of 2 children in an unending blizzard and want to find a way out of the forest. However, the monsters that appear before the children will make their journey more difficult. Although this demo may not contain any extreme content, the final project will not be suitable for audiences below the age of 18. With that in mind, this demo is not recommended for younger audiences.

What to expect?
Hardships build character, as they say. Knowing this, your goal as the player is to guide the children through a gauntlet of ordeals and out of harm’s way. This game will challenge the player at every turn and rewards them with a unique story of hardship and self-discovery.
The hack will also feature unique portraits for each character, along with different classes and weapons from the usual Fire Emblem affair, such as unbreakable 1-2 range weapons ;p


A girl who has woken up in a seemingly endless forest under assault of a continuous sub-zero temperature blizzard, although it doesn’t bother her too much. She is a deceptively distant girl who’s not very good at facing other people. Has an affinity for magic.

A headstrong girl who took Lilum with her out of concern, also isn’t bothered by the blizzard. She’s stronger than she is smart and is hot-blooded, but she is surprisingly well-versed in survival and knows when to temper herself. Her strength is unparalleled.

A princess who can be best described as quaint, even if her noble exterior would suggest otherwise. Despite that, she is kind, well-read, and strong, and she seems to be trying her best to prove herself worthy to succeed the throne and be a good queen for her people. She is very adept with the sword.

A man who radiates a malefic aura. He is menacing, but perhaps there still lies enough light in his heart to help out Ryuuka. Could he be atoning for his sins? His blade is as dangerous as his presence.

DL Link

This page is updated with FEE3, so don’t expect a playable patch until after the event.
UPDATE: Oh yeah, we’re bringing sexy back.

No updates, though. Lol.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks
You’ve helped me see that I wasn’t completely hopless and that I still have time. I probably wouldn’t even continue this if it weren’t for you.

As shitty as you and the site are, the anonymous life is the only life and companionship I’ve ever known for the majority of my life and I can never escape you no matter how hard I try. Godspeed, anon.

and, you.
For playing this game.