Project Exile patch applied, but the game is bugged

The steps say to make sure you have the right ROM, and I made it past the patching step. However, upon turning on the game, the file displays “k” instead of the chapter name, the text for the narration before Chapter 1 is a bugged display of an endless amount of “S”, and the game freezes as soon as Player Phase begins. I’m new to this, so I wanted to know if this was common. I assumed that allowing the game to patch at all meant I had the right type of ROM, but maybe not?

Is this a pure patch free version you using?

I’ve used two different ones, both had the same result. I’m also using snes9x if that is important, as I know that may be an issue

Make sure you are patching it with Lunar IPS. It’s a Japanese version of the rom you are using. I also used Snes9x and had no issues.