Proc question,in what condition should we use 6Cs API rather than pure ASM?

I’m learning the Stan’s 6Cs Proc toturial,where genius Stan take an example of Key Button Test. But… I think that instead of taking such a long way around (write 6Cs code,call 6Cs API) for key buffer testing,we can directly use pure ASMC to make it,such as judge what button pressed for now,take the result to the slot,and use EA conditions to determine the screen fading in or out…actually I think the later one, method using pure ASMC maybe more convenient?
So here come the questions:

  1. Is there any condition in which we can only use 6Cs, which means we cannot make it with pure ASMC?
  2. in what conditions it will be more convenient using 6Cs rather than pure ASM?
    Thank you very much!

Suppose we set up some event to run this ASMC that checks the keypress buffer.

When would this ASMC be run by the events? How do we ensure that the ASMC is run every frame? If it is run every frame, are we going to re-implement edge-triggers from scratch (so that holding the button doesn’t run the action every frame)? If we keep it as part of a single scene, instead of on the main map, how do you know that the ASMC will run on the right frame, particularly the frame that the user is holding the button? If the user presses A, how do we ensure that we aren’t in the middle of writing to the event slot (and therefore not checking for user input) if the user decides to press and release B one frame later?

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thank you! maybe I need to learn more about other’s thread with 6Cs cause for now I find it some difficult understanding your reply … but I think this will help a lot in the future!

thank you wery much! I found I did not take “parallel” as such an important thing before… maybe I need to take more time learning on Stan’s 6Cs Proj like “Shove” or more… for now I find it difficult to understand and take full use of it…