Problem with Sappy in FEbuilder

I’ve been experiencing a issue with sappy where everytime I insert a S. File to import, it would do 3 things, 1.freeze the whole application 2.crash or would say that the file section is too long, is there a reason why it’s doing this?

I’ve never experienced a straight up crash with Sappy so I can’t help with that, but the other two are possible results of the song being too long. If it’s too long it won’t play.

Is there a way to “crop” S files to make them shorter?

If you have the midi you can make that shorter using things like Audacity but I don’t know if you can make an S file shorter.

Methinks you’re going to want to work with midis in Anvil Studio, not Audacity. Many really long .s files may contain repetitive sections that can be optimized out. I’ve seen some that have the entire song data 3 times before looping. Once you’ve got your midi more optimized, you can then reassemble it into a .s file.

For freezing the application, we’re not gonna be able to help much unless you post your .s file to see what’s going on. Or at the very least detail about how you got here/assembled the .s file.


When asking questions, it is important to attach data so that can reproduce the problem.
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