Problem with inserting map sprites [ANSWERED]

As I was following the Map Sprite Insertion Mania tutorial I came across an issue. I was able to get the standing sprite working fine, but the moving sprite aniamtion and when you put the cursor over the sprite animation wasn’t working. I think this had something to do with the "Another Pointer"offset but I’m not entirely sure. Here’s a GIF for more details:

I’d love to get some help on this so I won’t encounter this issue again.

In the map sprite csvs, are you using |IsPointer with your pointers?

I like don’t know what that is. I probably have used an old tutorial. Yeah I used a tutorial from 2014… I’ll go check UT2 lol

So you’re including your map sprites like this. Right?

#incext Png2Dmp ChampionSt.png --lz77
WORD 0 0 0 0 ; ALIGN 16

Then, since this is a standing sprite, you would reference ChampionSt in the Standing Sprite Table.

Csvs use WORD and not POIN. Because of this, we need to manually specify pointers by adding |IsPointer on the end of any that we add in csvs. Without it, that offset isn’t a ROM pointer address.

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