Prime's Map Pack

Over the years I’ve made a lot of maps. Most of them now sit in a folder collecting dust, either having served their one-shot purpose or never even left their sorry prison.

Until now…

I present to you: The Map Pack.

What is The Map Pack?

The Map Pack is a collection of over 50 maps that I’ve made.
Many of them tried to strut their stuff on the competition runway,
but some I just made for fun and then let them sit.

Why should I care?

Inspired by Celice’s map contribution to the community I’m releasing these to the world as free to use resources.
No permission is needed, you only need to give credit!
They’re even open source so you can tweak to your heart’s content!

The Download Link

Get the Map Pack
Map Pack Picture Gallery

Things you should know

These are mostly maps made in Mappy. There’s a few I’ve done in Tiled but I’ve mostly used Mappy for these.

Sorry dedicated Tiled users.

There’s a folder hierarchy. It goes like this:
Program Used (Mappy or Tiled)
Game (FE6, FE7, or FE8)
General Tileset (Fields, Castle, etc.)

And finally…

I have a favor to ask of you, the user!

If you’re going to use one of my maps, please tell me.

This is not intended to be a message asking for permission, I’m just curious about how useful folks find this resource.

You can either send me a PM or if I’m miraculously on Skype, hit me up there.

Either way, this part is totally optional and is mostly just for my curiosity so don’t feel obligated to let me know.

With that said, enjoy!


I’ve updated The Map Pack again with several maps. A lot of them are
maps that didn’t fit the needs of my project so they were ultimately
replaced. There’s also a couple of competition maps that I forgot in
there, plus the finished product maps from my tutorials.
Current total: 55 maps

You’re a saint Prime. Dunno which ones I’m gonna use (I’ll be sure to let you know when I do decide) but it’s great to have such a huge selection :slight_smile:

Starlight36 was kind enough to take pictures of each map! I’ve added a link to the OP that will let you download a gallery containing these pictures.
The map pack has also been updated to include 2 more FE6 maps (In the Snow and Western Isles Village folders).
Oh, there was a bit of organization cleaning since a map or two was in the wrong folder.

Current Total: 57 Maps.

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Hey thanks for these. I’m not planning to directly use any of them but it’s really handy having 50+ maps that I can draw some inspiration from as I’m building.

These maps might actually be useful in training our random map generator and/or for use in our (planned) hack randomizer.