Presentation Do's and Don'ts

Its is currently 3:35 as of posting and I really need to know: When posting a project what should do and avoid doing.
Like I know i need screenshots but of what?
I need credits but to what extent. Stuff I’m using now or include stuff I’m planing on using
I’m most likely overthinking this and will regret this later but until then please give your best info.
its not like I tried to figure this out from looking at other posts I’m probably just really tired

Damn these are all really good. Too bad i can only put one solution. I say we put these where more people can see them because they are really helpful

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Do: Put your best foot forward. Take screenshots of your finest portraits and any new battle animations present. The more unique your hack looks, the more interested people will be. Post as many screenshots as you want, but at least one on the battle screen, one dialogue scene, and a chapter map screenshot would help. Of course, lead your opening post with your hack’s title screen, or if particularly far in development, a custom logo.

Don’t: Make your hack look lazy. Make absolutely sure your dialogue is spelled correctly in any screenshots. Poorly formatted dialogue is a large turnoff for many. By extension, make sure your opening post reads well. Just saying “here’s a hack lol” won’t impress people.

Do: Credit everyone who helped you in some shape or form. Even if the resource is free to use, credit the creator. People take theft very seriously. You don’t need to credit anything that isn’t in the patch, but if a thing appears for even a split second, it’s best to credit its creator.

Don’t: Be a thief. If you can’t find any evidence an asset is free for use, it’s best not to use it at all. Parading stolen assets (even if you didn’t deliberately steal anything) will only ensure you are swiftly destroyed. Nobody likes thieves.

Do: Describe your hack. Nobody will click on a bare download link with no context accompanying it. A paragraph describing your hack’s storyline and a paragraph summarising its creation help set the mood and expectations. Keep these brief, though. A ten-page plot transcription will only be a turnoff.

Don’t: Be vague. People like specifics. Saying that your hack is awesome and the best thing since sliced bread is all well and cool, but people aren’t going to really care that much. If you give a detailed list of mechanics, then people would be more likely to download. If it uses the skill system, note that. Be sure to give a number on the amount of chapters. Entice people with the ASM hacks your using.

Do: Get out there and post your hack!


Don’t: feel like you aren’t allowed to take a break; you have a whole life to live, if you can’t dedicate your full time to the project, it is 100% okay. aka don’t burn yourself out trying to keep updating.


Don’t: Ask for help without anything to show and a clear plan for completion. People are much more inclined to help you out once you’ve gotten parts of a project complete and playable. If your game is good, you’ll draw in support.

Don’t: Let art hold you up too much. It is easy to get caught up in aesthetics when you could be building the game.

Do: Use placeholder mugs instead of vanilla ones in the absence of art while in the building stages (I made this mistake and it confused people when Eirika was a male lord).

Do: Give an overview. Building off Darrman’s post above, talk about what to expect from your hack across different dimensions. Gameplay? Difficulty? Story? Characters? Mechanics? Make sure these are highlighted. (ie “Balanced around hard mode with a lean on player phase, and of course, Shove on every foot unit.”)

Do: Listen to feedback. Everyone in this community cares about helping projects be successful and seen through to completion when possible. Listening to feedback and making improvements will be helpful. Shutting people out will make folks less inclined to help and decrease interest in your project.

Do: Show off the unique stuff up front! People like custom stuff, and if you flash a screenshot with a custom palette, objective, art, etc. you will get more interest than if it looks like a basic reskin.


Be as flashy as possible and show people that you are organized and professional.


I feel like the contents of these comments would be pretty good to put in a Guide/Documentation/Tutorial on good hack presentation.

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I agree completely.