Possible for a Player unit to be immune to all magic?

Exactly what it says on the tin. I figured I could just slap magic seal ability onto the unit, but as it turns out, those only work on enemy units, for whatever reason. So, I must wonder: Is there any possible way to block out any and all magic for a player unit, staves included?


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depends on your definition of immune
can the enemy not deal damage with magic, or can the enemy not use magic at all

not to mention that saying which fire emblem you’re using would help immensely, i’m assuming fe7 based on magic seal but hey who knows

The magic seal ability is actually in FE8 too, just saying.

Ah, I apologize on not mentioning the game,and I figured my wording wasn’t enough.
The game that I’m using is FE8, and it does have a Magic Seal ability for Classes and Characters, surprisingly. My OG plan was to decrease the range of the magic seal to like 2-3 squares, thus providing almost complete immunity to magic (except Seize Tomes, I didn’t initially think of that at first.) However, as said in the OP, it can only work with enemies, and just refused to work with player units.
And my definition of immune is quite drastic. By immune, that means ALL forms of magic is ineffective. That even includes the player’s magic too, and the player is unable to heal the unit with staves, nor use any utility staves on the unit as well. If it was just enemy attacks, I could’ve just gave the unit Endless Nine in RES, and used a patch so that debuff staves always hit 0%. However, what I’m asking advice for such immunity for feels kinda of a tall order, but surely it must be possible, somewhat.

You’d need ASM for that. There are different paths you could take to solve that, but they’d all require ASM regardless.