Possible Elibe Sequel?


So I just got done playing through Fire Emblem 6 The Binding Blade. I got the “bad” ending since Zeiss got killed. I read this and thought: What if this is a possible sequel to FE6?.

I remember too that it says that Roy’s descendant arose to fight a new evil. So my headcanon for the bad ending is that after years of peace Idunn comes out from hiding. Then Roy’s descendant follows in his ancestor’s footsteps and seal this new threat. Somehow this descendant manages to bring all of Elibe into one nation.

In conclusion, I personally think this is a cool concept in general and I have yet to see anyone else talk about it. Hey for all we know Roy’s descendant might have some decent stats. So what are your opinions on this Elibean Nation?

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It’s always been a concept that I’ve been interested in seeing. I’ve seen the bad ending on video, but never actually got it myself.

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Just sounds like FE6 becoming more like FE3 Book 1 than it already is.

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but the real ending is that she gets restored to her divine dragon status so uh
nope, gonna have to get another baddie

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But why would the real ending be relevant if this branches off from the only other ending.

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seems nice but it might seem hard to sort of make a full game out of something that is probably just roy’s people just fighting a bunch of dragons. I don’t really see how a full on campaign can work when the enemy is just Idunn and her war dragons. I doubt she’d ally herself with any humans other than Zephiel so… Yeah it might be tricky to make gameplay/story interesting when theres only 2 factions fighting against each other


Well it could even be a whole different plot just taking place after the events of fe6.

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oh i misread

nvm do whatever

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Yeah that’s true but I imagine Roy’s descendant in a future Elibe fighting against Idunn. A future Elibe after the war with Bern allows for many possibilities. It did say long after Roy’s lifetime.


Sounds basically like FE6 but again.


(I think it’s bad, reusing villains always is trite and a story retread but with children as if a plot echo is always going to be boring if nothing else.)

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I like sequels and seeing characters I like aged up as much as the next guy, but it takes more than that. You have to introduce new characters, villains and plot elements or else it feels incredibly stale.

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this already exists
its called DDOP