Possible commands in FEBuilder?

I have a couple question whether any of the following are currently possible within FEBuilder.

Specify Active Unit command?
Is there a command to set a specified player unit as the current operating unit? There are many patch commands that would be useful to use on a specified character instead of the operating unit.

Space Occupied?
Is there a conditional statement to check whether a space is occupied - Yes or No?

Silent Warp?
Is there a way to silently warp a specified unit (currently on the map) to another location? Without any sound effects playing.

Is it FE8?

Specify Active Unit command?

does not exist.
It violates FE game rules.
The unit selected by the cursor should be ActiveUnit.
You should not break this basic rule.

Perhaps for some other reason, You want to do something weird like this.
Please explain why you need that feature.

Space Occupied?

I don’t know why you want to do this,
but Use the CHECK_AT instruction.

If no units are at that coordinate, 0 should be returned.
Check if SlotC == 0.

Silent Warp?

There are patches that move the unit instantaneously.

NAME.en=Add Event: Instantaneously moving a unit at a specific coordinate to another coordinate
INFO.en=Move the unit at a specific location instantaneously to a specific place.\r\nUnlike existing instructions, there is no problem even if the unit does not exist.\r\nAlso, when the transfer destination is blocked, flexible setting such as not transfer can be done.\r\nThere is also a special instruction to skip the unit under operation.This is because the coordinate of the unit under operation has not yet been determined if it is executed under the range condition.\r\nTherefore, I prepared a dedicated instruction.

In FE8, doesn’t the MOVE command with -1 speed reposition just like REPO (iirc? it’s been a while) in FE7?

I did not know setting the speed to -1 (65535).
Indeed, it seems to work correctly.

“Add Event: Instantaneously moving a unit at a specific coordinate to another coordinate” may be an unnecessary patch.

Thank you for your help. I think you all have mostly answered my questions.

I’m not trying to do anything specific in FEBuilder. I just enjoy playing around in it and trying to see if there are ways to make unique map objectives/mechanics with the tools provided.