Portraits by Mako

Hi everyone, my name is Mako and I’ve just gotten into some amateur splicing. I was attempting to create a hack, but decided to scrap most of what I have so far and start over. Anyway, just wanted to show some of the mugs I made to get some feedback and open some up for use.

Here are some characters that might stick around in my next project, so they’re not free to use quite yet. Feel free to ask me for permission if you have interest in using one of them, though:

BigBardV1 BlackPirateV1 ClownCharacterV1 FemPirateV2 OccultistV1 SamuraiV2 ValkyrieV3%20ScarsBraids VikingV1 RingleaderV1 StrongmanV1

Here are some insertable mugs that are free to use with credit:

AlchemistInsertable BurglarInsertable CowboyInsertable CrusaderInsertable DervishInsertable FancyCavInsertable FortuneTellerInsertable WitchHunterInsertable

I’ll try to keep this thread updated as I keep working, but as is the case for most on the site life might slow that process down now and again. Thanks for checking out my work so far!


Honest, the character design is actually really good.

Society Bazba is also spectacular.


We live in a society


hey is it alright if i can use the insertable portraits in my coming hack?
ill give credit to you when you start the first chapter in the hack.

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Sure, anything I post in an insertable format is F2U!

Just some more mugs I’ve been kicking around to start off the year!
Andrew Cade DrunkenMaster Isabella Lauren Mason Matt Michelle Quinn


Works and some updates from January:
Barrett Hideki Lilienne Mason Matias SwashbucklerF Yakuza
Also, some older stuff I wanted to make free to use:
CadeV2JacketInsertable ClownInsertable FemPirateInsertable PompadourInsertable QuinnInsertable SamuraiInsertable MasonV2Insertable MonkInsertable