Portrait Help Desired

Basically, I’ve been trying to get this portrait working for a few days now, but I have two mayor problems with it, said problems being the eyes and the hair, as you will see in the pics, my portrait is currently a Myrrh modified to look more like a morph, but the light color of morph eyes makes them look weird when contrasting against the outline color in the irises, I’ve also been trying to get some work going on the hair to make it look more like a specific haircut which I will reference as well, but I don’t know how to go about it anymore, any help is really appreciated.

Here’s two versions of the portrait as I tried working with it, feel free to work with the one you find more comfortable:

Here’s also the Hairstyle I wish to achieve in the portrait:

Again, any help is appreciated and will be appropriately credited when used in hacks.

I gave it a go. I tried to build up from your mug but I used fe8 colours instead, I´m more comfortable with them. I left the colour ramp if you need to change colours.

Basically, I used Lute and a villager NPC for the hair, I think it´s better than Myrrh´s hair for what you were trying to achieve. The cape is Clarine´s.
The eyes are problematic when using yellow. I used a skin shade as fe7 morphs´eyes use it but I don´t feel Myrrh´s eyes are the best for this. I suggest choosing eyes with a smaller pixel count.

The mug still needs work but I hope it helps!

Edit: Also, watch out for the hair if you revert to fe7 colours, one of the shades is the same as the outline. The mug has 15 colours so you can easily add one for the darkest hair shade.


I actually like it a lot, thank you very much, I’ll see if I can make an adjustment or two to it later, but I’ll definitely credit you for use of this Portrait whenever I use it, again, thanks a lot, and please do have a nice day!