Portrait Clean Up

So if you haven’t seen it, I released a terrible ROM hack, a 5 chapter demo called Crystal of Bonds, and despite how bad it started, I’ve become more confident in its most recent (currently not public) version. One thing that I am not confident in, however, are my portraits. One in particular that I have found to be a huge undertaking is an early recruit archer.
She was my first attempt at a custom body, but I dropped work on her for a long time because it was super frustrating, and now I’d like to offer a payment of $20 USD to anyone who can make her look like a proper mug (and less like Selena would be nice). You also don’t have to use this as the base for it, you can simply use it as a reference, which might be easier. If you’re interested, reply to this thread with a few of your own mugs and I’ll reply to you if I like what I see :slight_smile:

This wip like what you had in mind?

Yes, that looks great. I would like her to have a more stern face, and her chest shouldn’t be very large. If you can give me a full mug (hackbox not needed), I’ll pay the price I set out, however you’d like to be paid :slightly_smiling_face:



The neck looks a little thick, but the face looks really nice and the outift is good :smile: Like I said, give me a method for paying you and I’ll give you your due