Porting Fe 6 to Fe8

Hello if I may introduce myself, I’m Dex a nobody from the internet. I wanted to work on a project that ports the original fe6 with no changes to it (except Roy’s promotion time). This is also made so that people can play fe6 with the patches they want to.
The only thing I don’t feel confident in is eventing, script and maybe some cosmetic stuff. I know I cannot just ask for help without any true proof that I’m actually working on it. If I have made major progress towards completing most maps and characters and maybe some simple events I will return if I need any help.
I hope everyone is looking forward to this wonky promise I make.
If anyone wants me to add anything that was not in the original game, the short answer is no.
Long answer:I want to port the original wich means that nothing that is inside of fe7 and FE8 is excluded including: thiefs promoting, split promotions, playable characters from fe7 etc…
Let’s hope this works out my fellow fe fans.