POLL: Which GBA Hacking Method Do You Prefer?

I’m just curious about general percentages on who uses what, this is not intended to shame anyone for using any particular method.

  • FE_Builder_GBA
  • EA Buildfiles
  • FEditorAdv + Nightmare
  • Other (Please specify in a response)

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This poll is biased toward GBAFE hacking.

I used 64tass to serve a similar to purpose to EA in the EA buildfile method, but with the added benefit of not needing an external tool like lyn to work with ASM. Additionally, I use GNU Make to avoid rebuilding/processing assets every time I build my project.


I stab needles into FE cartridges until I achieve the desired effect.


You guys make hacks?


I use Cave Story ASM tricks from 2012 and apply them to Fire Emblem. Knowing that one certain address adjusts the max cap and speed of bubbles shooting out of the Bubbler, I can transfer that same knowledge to make a 2x native resolution hack that also lets you shoot bubbles at enemies ingame instead of fighting them normally. So, ASM using OllyDbg only, on my WXP desktop.

You should probably add Lex Talionis to this. I’m not sure if anyone actually uses that, but it’s certainly an option out there.


FEXP pls

that’s not a hacking method though, is it

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I mean, FEditor isn’t a hacking method either. It’s more of a breaking method.


Lex Talionis does not edit GBA ROMs, FEditor does even if it does it poorly.


If you don’t exclusively hex edit your rom with no back up, you’re not a real hacker.

But in all seriousness, I am the one other. I use all three of FE_Builder, EA, and hex editing. Builder mainly for graphics/unit placement/a lot of miscellaneous stuff, EA to insert either events or ASM, and hex edits to mess with color palettes I can’t easily access with the other 2.

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I used Feditor and Nightmare, now I moved almost completely to Febuilder

developing your own tools is the real nirvana


Unless you end up working on FEditor, anyway.



Personally, I take a more economic route when it comes to hacking; I enslave magic gremlins to make my hacks for me. My latest hack is known as GhebFE4 and will be coming to the atari jaguar in the year 2045.


So I guess we are talking about tools, right?
What I use:
FEditor, Nightmare, EA, GBAge, APE (Advance Palette Editor)
Tiled, Zahlman’s song editor,
and tons and tons of direct Hex Editing with HxD
(^which can be a faster way to change things than using a tool)…

Downloaded FEBuilder this July and I can see the hype about it.
For me it’s a very fast way to check for basic bugs (misstypes and wrong offsets).

I use primarily buildfiles but FEBuilder is invaluable for getting assets and finding the locations of whatever I need as well as testing palettes or debugging.


Unless the thread name has been changed in the last 8 hours, I think that’s the point.

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I use build files and FE Builder. I find FE Builder is better for certain changes and edits, but build files are better for more universal and dynamic changes.

All those options are for the weak
Real Hackers :tm: :copyright: make all their edits manually in a hex editor