Pokémon GBA Special Attack Moves in Fire Emblem GBA Games Hacks


This idea has probably crossed the minds of many FE fans. I was wondering, is it possible to implement Pokémon special attack moves in place of Fire Emblem magical attacks?

For example: Make Flux be Psychic, or Elfire be Flamethrower.

If is possible can someone here let me know? I’ll try to create an FE hack with them Pokémon special attack moves.


Are you asking how to import the attack animations from Pokemon into Fire Emblem, how to implement a Pokemon-like type system, some combination of the two, or something else entirely?

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Yeah… I’d like to retrieve Pokémon attacks and import them in Fire Emblem. Do you know if there’s an FE Builder for Pokémon GBA games?

There are multiple all-in-one romhacking suites for the GBA Pokemon games. I don’t know whether they allow you to export animations or if said animations would be insertable into a Fire Emblem game.

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Ah… You bring up a good point. Once I retrieve the special attack animations from any GBA Pokémon game we don’t know if they’ll be compatible with the FE Builder program.

I would be thoroughly and absolutely bamboozled if they were compatible without much effort.

What you may need to end up doing is export the graphics, format them into frames, and script the animation for FE.

Something like Classes->Type, Weapons->Moves? That would be cool.

“When will there be a STAB-mechanic in Fe?” is the question :alien:

S rank bonuses is basically that