Pokémblem - [Complete] v1.10

Yes, feel free to translate this into Chinese.

Do you know how to make Fire Emblem 8 show Chinese characters? Were you planning on using FEBuilderGBA to edit Pokeblem into Chinese?

Here is the buildfile source code:

It might be easiest to message me on Discord about this.
Vesly [Complete]#3053 is my tag.


Various bugfixes & graphical updates.

New status screen & level-up screen, courtesy of Lukirioh:



Sprite overhaul by redppr (using their HGSS and PMD sprites as a reference):

Now with directions:

It’s a monumental task to do this for 151 sprites, so for the ones he has not done yet, they now use the HGSS sprites processed through a python script (and they tend to look a little faded or out of place compared with redppr’s expertise).


I’m also just shy of 1k discord members, so let’s hit that goal!



I’ve been working on making Free Movement keep the camera centered on the active unit, which took me a lot longer than it should have, as I couldn’t figure out how to have it sync up with the moving sprite. I’m excited to add this into the public release in a few weeks.

Shoutouts to Sme, Mokha, and Huichelaar for their work on free movement.


I’m procrastinating from polishing free movement by finally expanding past 62 units. The proc says there’s 144 units (I clearly screwed up my event to load all pokemon lol).


It’s been numerous hours working on this and seeing it function so well is satisfying, but there are many things left to iron out.


For example, I still need to at least make the current party show up in the items menu, if not all units.


I’m sorry, there was an issue with my localization process. I couldn’t find the patch you used to display English chapter titles, so I couldn’t replace it with Chinese :sweat_smile:

and I need your help

Like I said before, you should message me on discord so we can talk in real time.

The code used for chapter titles is here: https://github.com/Veslyquix/Pokemblem/tree/master/EngineHacks/QualityOfLife/TextChNames
It probably won’t show up in febuilder patches because I edited it. If you’re trying to translate this via febuilder, then I don’t think it will work very well unfortunately, as I use a buildfile.


Shoutouts to Mokha and Sme for their work on Free Movement. I’ve made it seamlessly switch between grid based battles and rpg movement after a ton of work.
ezgif.com-optimize (3)




Flying by @Circles (original here)


Faster AI and new Turbo mode (in config)
ezgif.com-gif-maker (13)
Note: the emulator / gif is not sped up.

& various bug fixes



bug fixes

notably there was lag that would build up and a crash that would occur after playing for long enough

I don’t usually like to do such frequent version # updates but a guaranteed game crash after playing a while warrants one


This review popped up recently and was a nice read


I’ve finished revamping my 1st post and I’m headed to bed before my fee3 vid comes out, so I’ll just post my own upload here:

I experimented with portrait mode this year, so it’s best viewed on mobile. Hope it turned out alright :crossed_fingers:


So I tried to revive the dome fossil and get kabuto, but when I did, the pokemon disappeared and now I can’t get kubutops, is there any more kubuto fossils? The other two fossils worked completely normally and were transfered correctly, just not the dome fossil.

What is this pokemon

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Send over your save file. What version # does your title screen say?

Should I send the rom?

You should not. Distributing roms is against the rules.
As Vesly said, you should send a save file for debugging.


I think I’ve fixed this issue so it won’t happen again. Unfortunately I can’t fix your sav file unless you send me it and tell me what you lost.

On another note, someone sent me this tiktok about pokemblem:

Cool stuff


raising the splash meter is the most important part of the hack

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hack bad

"### Vesly Today at 5:48 PM

reply to my pokemblem thread saying hack bad"