Pokémblem - [Complete] v1.07

Me too, buddy. Me too. :pensive:

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I’m using @Huichelaar’s between chapters hack, which looks amazing!


I would like to use a background image to represent each area. Next release will be content up to Misty, so I’m not worried about areas past there for now.

These are some I found in the graphics repo by @ZoramineFae, @WAve, and @FGO68
FGO - Forest 2 Day Final FGO

FGO - Waterfall Day FGO Noon Forest

FGO - Mountains FGO - Beach Day

What image should represent each area? The dark green forest could be Viridian Forest, I think.

It’s also possible to use screencaps from one of the games (eg. Let’s go Pikachu) or the anime:

image image

image image

I struggle with aesthetics, so if anyone has feedback or suggestions, I’m all ears! Thanks for reading.


What about the HeartGold and SoulSilver area transition screens for some areas?

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There are a few, yeah! Good idea. I could probably use the caves, for example.

From the Spriter's Resource

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Feel free to list all the routes/areas you’ll be working on, and I can recommend certain ones/get some other FGO backgrounds set up for a specific scene.

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That would be amazing! Thank you for the offer - I’ve listed all the areas below. I’ve crossed out areas that are repeated. For example, Viridian Forest is two chapters because it is too big to fit into one map. Having just the one background to represent Viridian Forest would be fine.


Big fan of the upper right anime screencap! If you could find more like that, I think it’d be great! The LGPE screencaps are kinda eh, though.

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You can figure out the cities, I don’t have any refs for those.

Route 1 & 2-

Viridian Forest-

Route 3, 4, and 25-

Route 4-

Route 24-
I could grab the daytime version of this one.

I can’t offer any more than my own stuff that I’ve already uploaded atm, taking it a bit slower on doing anything for others atm


Thanks so much! That’s a huge help. I’d need the daytime version for Route 24 though, yeah. Cheers.

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Playtesting is going on for the entire route 3 (three maps) in my discord and FEU’s #playtesting.

route 3e

The early game has also changed a lot since the initial demo. The combat is slowly becoming more and more polished. Your feedback is invaluable! :partying_face:


If in that RH is a choke point, could it be a Machoke point? image IDK if i said that already in any moment but it concept is really cool, and i wouldn’t have imagine it’s actually possible. But i guess even sunflora can defeat a dialga if you make an smart move xP

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Updated the .UPS to include the latest improvements, bug fixes, and balance tweaks etc.
Probably not entirely bug free, so if anyone finds bugs, please let me know! :slight_smile:


Entering areas is now epic. Not 16 colours. Not 80. But 256 colours (of which you can use 224). I’ve been using this to insert images from the anime, mostly. All this can be yours too by checking out @Huichelaar’s assembly adventures.

image image

  • Transitioning areas will now heal your party (but not revive fainted 'mons).

image image

  • Call can now be used any time, but only once per turn. This means I can now encourage the player to split up the party (when desired).


  • A number of things have been revised under the hood. :sob: RIP the amount of wasted time on inefficient problem solving

Therefore I am making a vow.

i vow to try and tackle more problems with asm. (shoutout to Snek for the help)

i made a very long and convoluted event to solve a problem I was facing and spent hours debugging it, yet it was still not bug free. :confounded: and then I thought about it. and I looked at some asm. I made a 1 line change to the code. just a single line! and it effectively solved my problem.

ok asm, I will try not to punch you in the face
it’s not like I like you or anything, though :roll_eyes:


looking for combat art ideas :roll_eyes:
can pay in exposurebucks


I’ve prepared 70 blank skills in pokemblem to be used as part of my ModularPreCombatSkills hack. Basically, you edit the table and it makes it a skill.


  • Works on a combat art
  • (Eg. a menu command that attacks with X effect.)


  • Works as a skill that always has an effect.
  • (Eg. Vigilance simply provides +20 avoid. So it is an always skill. I could create 70 more of these.)

This can affect things like Battle Attack, Battle Defense, Attack Speed, Hit, Avoid, and Crit.

List of bytes

Teq Doq
0x5A Short Attack
0x5C Short Defense
0x5E Short Attack Speed
0x60 Short Hit
0x62 Short Avoid
0x64 Short Battle Hit (Hit - enemy avoid)
0x66 Short Crit
0x68 Short Crit avoid
0x6A Short Battle Crit (Crit - enemy crit avoid)

Up to 20 effects per skill. Here are some I came up with.

Feral Hit: +15% dmg, -30 hit.

Keen Hit: +20 accuracy, -20% dmg.

Wizard’s Blow: √3A×5C–√5(D+(H*AS))/7

Okay, that last one might be a bit too complex. :sweat_smile:

It is limited to Adding, Subtracting, (4 bit) fractions and logical shifts.
Eg. 0x32 = multiply by 3, then divide by 2 (or +50%)

Table of first two skills
Eg. 15/13 is 1.1538, or about +15% damage. And then hit rate is subtracted by 30.

(I’ve asked 7743 if he could please make this into an easy to edit patch when he updates the skillsystems patch.)

If anyone has skill ideas, I’d like to hear your suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for following my project.


This looks like an insanely fun project.

I’ll watch it with interest!

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Trap Rework

Sme’s TrapRework is here, and I’ve coded in my own types. (It was a real headache :pensive:)



Items/bushes/etc. are no longer units.

Display only: Flowers

Simply put, this’ll make developing the game easier.

Promote On Level

(By Vesly)


  • Debuffs now recover at 3 points per turn
  • Level now goes up to 100 and is not reset on promotion
  • Lots more but I forget what else

Combat Arts

By Sme

Using Sme’s system, I’ve added 70 empty skills into my hack. How will I edit them, you ask?


Why, by using Vesly’s PreBattleTable patch, of course! Coming soon to your local FEBuilder.

so… asm is useful then, right?

nah, just wait for some1 else to make what you want

also i have made it rated E for everyone so everyone will play my hacc :ok_hand:


and just like that, @N426 gave us stunning water


I no longer have to be ashamed of my water! :smile:

Meanwhile, @Zmr has been making some Pokemon Trainers!

pkmn trainers

I love them and can’t wait to put some trainers about.

He also made this energetic salesman.
zaim salesman


Mr. Store Clerk is a little bit passionate about his work.


What have I been up to? Bug fixing, mostly.

Earlier I encountered this really strange bug where I couldn’t see enemy units, even though I tried forcibly overwriting their state. It broke my events and I’d never seen such a bug, so I was rather confused for a solid half hour while debugging it.

Some people also call this strange phenomenon “fog of war”. :roll_eyes:

I may still have some learning to do.


i’m calling this the next major release

so much stuff has changed since the november release

here’s some gifs

Cerulean Rival Fight


2nd gym


it’s 27 chapters long now

okay, the 27 areas are often faster to traverse than traditional FE, so maybe it’s more like 20 chapters long? Idk.

projections put the final project at around 100 chapters long, so make of that what you will. I expect it’ll be a long game to complete, if it ever gets finished. If not, I’ll just make a bad ending where Gary destroys you :]

I will probably make some minor revisions in the coming days based on feedback. I expect development will slow down from here, though.

Time to rest a bit


That description.



Too beautiful for my eyes