Pokémblem - [Complete] v1.07

Random placement event is now better optimized and forces units to be on grass. It does this by re-rolling coordinates until one is valid.

This seems to generally take around 4 seconds to randomly place 25 units on a pretty large map.


That’s rather laggy, I feel. Ah well, at least it works.

Finally figured out how to change which unit is which.


This event iterates through each unit to find a free ID. Here, Seth becomes Tethys (ID 15), and then Eirika becomes Seth (ID 2).

This was necessary for the capturing of Pokemon.


This is really neat. However, the number of battle animations required is going to be mind boggling.

Edit: although a vague pink blob animation would go a long way.

Sadly, I have no current plans for any battle animations. I ran a poll (link) to gauge how important animations are. Only 13% said they’d never play a hack without animations, however 73% considered animations important to a varying extent.

Animations are popular, but creating unique ones for every type & pokemon is not something I’d ever be able to complete alone.

Opening sequence gif.

Hah! I’ll take these ones, then!


cant believe gary was the demon king this whole time
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Entering new areas - dialogue & then you’re there once units are loaded.

Transitioning areas


It took a lot of work to figure out randomizing units’ locations & how to minimize loading time: originally, it took about 5x longer!

Units look pretty funny on the unit placer.

No, they aren’t actually in the trees. :sweat_smile:


Only way to save is at a Pokecenter / your home. It’s also the only way to manage your party.



Of course, suspends work as usual. But ‘restart chapter’ goes back to when you last saved, of course.


Animation for pokemon being sent out:

(Light rune + emotion bubble + loading a unit underneath)


I simply put a coordinate in sB and call the event, now that I’ve got it setup.


Between chapters gif


I think this looks pretty cool! Not my art, of course, but I had to conjoin the edges together. Shoutouts to @Alusq for helping me out last time (link) when I was trying to do basically the same thing.

Surprisingly, everything is coming together nicely. The main thing left to do for the demo is polishing the combat.

Speaking of which. I do have type advantage, but I’m not sure I’m quite ready for Brock.


Mustard Sandshrew time.

I love how this is progressing, and I don’t even like Pokemon that much. It wasn’t part of my childhood.





Never thought I would see those two games combined.

Demo’s out. Please report bugs. Cheers.

Sept 15 Edit:
(Minor fixes)

  • Fast travel signs now auto refresh and allow multiple units to use signs in succession. Camera bug in Route 2 is fixed.
  • Same-type ineffective weapons were giving strange boosts against each other when they were supposed to both be ineffective (such as Poison Sting vs Poison Sting). This has been made neutral for now as a temporary fix.
  • Wild Pidgeys now always have Peck or Tackle, and Gust is now instead obtainable in Viridian City Mart.
  • Gastly now has a more interesting AI in Viridian Forest.
  • Capture now correctly clears enemies when you don’t have enough cash. And it now properly imposes the fegba limit on number of pokemon you can have in your party.
    To do: give players a way to release pkmn… eventually.

There were surprisingly few bugs reported for the initial demo, but many useful suggestions. Thanks everyone!

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This is really pretty damn cool! The crossover many people wanted is actually happening!

You wouldn’t mind if i featured this in my r/fe plays fanprojects Thread or sharing this Thread around, would you?

also a small report

A Small suggestion: a small 5-10 hit increase in weapons wouldn’t be half bad^^

Edit: Type immunity is not yet implemented yet, right? Because i was able to defeat a Ghastly with a tackle

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I’d love to be featured, thanks!

This is actually intentional. Supposed to look derelict. Not convincing, eh?

I’m not opposed to this. I’d just give your starter a couple more leadership stars as a temporary balance change.

Correct. I am using Tequila’s effectiveness rework which allows for weapons to have different effectiveness against different enemies. Eg. 3x mt against one and 2x mt against others. But I have not figured the asm to add a 0x mt. I’d also like to create a hit bonus for effective weapons (eg. Ember against Bulbasaur gets +30 accuracy). And I’d like to use Gamma/Snek’s GaidenMagic once it’s integrated with SkillSys, as well as make use of the occasional skill.

Basically, combat is still an early draft and I intend to make significant changes to it if I can learn some asm. Until then, I am stuck just using whatever mechanics others have used before.

I will try to have it’s thread some time after FEE3 (as everything is planned until then)

I see. How about giving them weapon triangle disadvantage for now?

Yup, that’s exactly what I did for weapons. Two weapon types cannot both be weak against each other, so right now Ghost and Normal are neutral. I could make Ghost weapons effective against Normal for now, though.

Loved this hack, it’s extremely promising and i really enjoyed what’s available so far, i do wonder how will evolutions work? Will pokemon with 3 evolutions essential work as rookies? (maybe the starters) or will every pokemon will only get one ( a promotion, bassically)

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Thanks, and welcome to feuniverse! :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t figured out promotions yet. Automatic promotion is limited to 3 classes in fe8, so I may have to have all classes promote with stones. But three-stage pokemon will be able to promote twice, at least. Thankfully that part’s easy.

Also fixed a few minor bugs (Ekans can now use Acid, for example).

I’ve always want to share this!


Anyway, I cannot open the game. Emulator shut down after choose this rom.