Pokémblem - 66 chapters

Thanks. @Leonarth is leagues ahead of me when it comes to any sort of coding, so I don’t want to lead the project if it were to go in that direction. But definitely some cool stuff there!

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Inserted areas up to Pewter, but only set the terrain for about half of it so far. The colours here are a bit weird unfortunately.

The Bulbasaurs below are really 60% pidgey 40% ratata. Using the ‘monster’ and ‘special’ markers, they vary who and where they are (by a couple of tiles).

I’ve closed off some areas for now (eg. Route 22 on the left) that I am not going to create until I have something playable.

Soon I’ll work on a bit of combat and see how that goes. Not really sure which combat elements to take from each game, but I’m hoping to have a little demo ready next month. If anyone has ideas, hit me up.


wait this is soooo coolll wtf

Wasn’t it the Echoes hack that added learnable command skills? You could give the pokemon these command skills and adjust the PP values (hehe) to where switching them around is key.

Perhaps instead of a levelup system, the goal is to learn certain skills and discard others to make a well-optimized pokemans team? You can only have four skills, but leveling up always gives you a new one and you can choose to overwrite the old ones?

Just spitballing. Not sure if this is ASM you’re capable of performing, or willing.

Sorry, which hack is this? I’m interested.

I know that proc skills as combat arts exists as a version of skillsys, but I haven’t… assembled the knowledge needed to effectively utilize that sort of thing yet.

I’ll see myself out now. Thanks for the ideas.

It’s Sacred Echoes
Come to think of it, Promotion and Evolution is kinda same things

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It seems GaidenMagic isn’t compatible with SkillSys yet. However, these are some systems I would ideally love to prominently feature:

  • SkillSys by Circles, Sme, & others
  • Combat arts by Sme
  • Capture by Tequila
  • DangerRadius by Huichelaar
  • GaidenMagic by Gamma
  • SpecialCommand (per class) by 7743

I think I can event Teq’s capture to have the captured unit join your party instead of being dropped & killed. Perhaps I can even make it require having a pokeball in your inventory & have a variable chance of failure.

Eventing post nobody asked for:


This event uses the SetUnitStatus patch to warp a varying unit to a variable location. This just means the same event would work for any pokecenter, rather than nearly identical events for each pokecenter. The simpler way of using MOVEONTO that does almost the same thing will crash the game if walking through impassible terrain.

"That's useful for my hack too!", said no one

Here we have Tequila’s capture evented to have the unit join our party (automatically sent to the “PC box” for now). Thank you to 7743 for making this possible.

More niche events


That’s sick, recreating an entire game in a game, something like playing pac man on a calculator or something, and pokemon on other games.

What kind of breaking the 5th wall is this?

Good job man, this seems like a great hack, gonna play it later.
Thank you for that sick recreation, not a single soul on the forum could archieve tha alone, lucky you have an entire community to help.

PS: Will you recreate other games on FE ? If the answer is yes, then; Which one will be?


I have no current plans of this.

I’m sure you’re aware, but this hack has very little complete so far. I haven’t released a demo yet, and the goal for the initial demo is the basic gameplay up to defeating Brock.

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You could check out SMS_FlushDirect at 0x08026F2C. I’m pretty sure this routine is used during chapters to update the standing map sprites. If you change a few cmps and branches you can simulate the speed at which the pokemon sprites switch between frames in the pokemon GBA games.

EDIT: So I couldn’t find the palette files at the bottom of the buildfile so the colours are off, but this is what I managed to get:

8 clockcycles for the first frame and 7 for the second. I Based the timing on what I would get in my pokémon emerald ROM.

It’s just three to five line changes in the vanilla code. No need to even hook into freespace. I’ll work out what could be added to the buildfile to get this working in a moment.



ORG 0x26F32
  SHORT 0x210F
ORG 0x26F4E
  SHORT 0xE005
ORG 0x26F5C
  SHORT 0x2C08
ORG 0x26F6E
  SHORT 0xE005


If you add this to the buildfile the SMS timing should be like the PokeGBA games.

What I’ve done is skip the checks for SMS_frame2 as frame2 is the same as frame1. I also made it modulo #0xF instead of #0x48 from the clockcycle and made the frame3 check succeed if the result is #0x8. Thus for clockcycles 0 through 7 (8 clockcycles) frame1 is displayed. For cycles 8 through 14 (7 clockcycles) frame3 is displayed.

Now I believe the world map uses a different method of updating the SMS, so you may need to do some more digging if you want the world map to display this behaviour as well.


Woah, thanks! I would have never figured that out on my own. My Pokemon just got a lot more energetic!

This next event took me way longer than it should’ve. It randomizes the coords of units in range. It even checks to make sure there isn’t a unit already there.

I set it to repeat a few times as an example. This should happen off-screen so you don’t see them chilling in the corner momentarily.

“Trainers” have set positions, but I’ll randomize mons in the grass, I think. For non-square grass I can use the Valni routine instead.


Wtf you can see the pokemon in the grass??? This is some wizard bullshit right here.


Pokemon Sword and Shield would like to have a word with you.

Random placement event is now better optimized and forces units to be on grass. It does this by re-rolling coordinates until one is valid.

This seems to generally take around 4 seconds to randomly place 25 units on a pretty large map.


That’s rather laggy, I feel. Ah well, at least it works.

Finally figured out how to change which unit is which.


This event iterates through each unit to find a free ID. Here, Seth becomes Tethys (ID 15), and then Eirika becomes Seth (ID 2).

This was necessary for the capturing of Pokemon.


This is really neat. However, the number of battle animations required is going to be mind boggling.

Edit: although a vague pink blob animation would go a long way.

Sadly, I have no current plans for any battle animations. I ran a poll (link) to gauge how important animations are. Only 13% said they’d never play a hack without animations, however 73% considered animations important to a varying extent.

Animations are popular, but creating unique ones for every type & pokemon is not something I’d ever be able to complete alone.

Opening sequence gif.

Hah! I’ll take these ones, then!


cant believe gary was the demon king this whole time
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Entering new areas - dialogue & then you’re there once units are loaded.

Transitioning areas


It took a lot of work to figure out randomizing units’ locations & how to minimize loading time: originally, it took about 5x longer!

Units look pretty funny on the unit placer.

No, they aren’t actually in the trees. :sweat_smile:


Only way to save is at a Pokecenter / your home. It’s also the only way to manage your party.



Of course, suspends work as usual. But ‘restart chapter’ goes back to when you last saved, of course.


Animation for pokemon being sent out:

(Light rune + emotion bubble + loading a unit underneath)


I simply put a coordinate in sB and call the event, now that I’ve got it setup.


Between chapters gif


I think this looks pretty cool! Not my art, of course, but I had to conjoin the edges together. Shoutouts to @Alusq for helping me out last time (link) when I was trying to do basically the same thing.

Surprisingly, everything is coming together nicely. The main thing left to do for the demo is polishing the combat.

Speaking of which. I do have type advantage, but I’m not sure I’m quite ready for Brock.