PLIST? [FE7] [FEBuilder]

When assigning a PLIST do I just do it to the chapter it’s already assigned too? I don’t really understand how the allocation works.PLIST

What are you attempting to do? If your PLIST is unsplit, all chapter data reference pointers will be referenced from the same list. It depends on which PLIST ID you are assigning to which byte of chapter data. The MAP PLIST editor just displays the first chapter to make use of an ID, as well as what that ID is being used as.

So should I split the PLIST? I’m just trying to add a village and snag bridge to chapter 1 but when I try to allocate map pointers that comes up.

Yeah, I would recommend splitting the PLIST, as there is little harm in doing so, and gives you more to work with overall.
I still am not quite sure what you are aiming for, but I am deducing that you are either adding a new map or adding tilechanges. If you split the PLIST, you can assign a new/empty ID and save the offset to that data on that newly allocated ID.

Oh, I’m not necessarily adding a new map. I’m replacing the chapter 1 map with a different one, and need to assign tile changes to a snag and village.

Alright. In that case, I would split the PLIST, then just assign the tilechange data to an unused tilechange PLIST ID(or you could overwrite an existing one if you are not planning on using any vanilla tilechanges or maps), then write the appropriate ID in the chapter data editor.

Ah, okay. Thanks!
I’ll give it a try later.