Please Make Baryl 's third tier promotion animation from Sun God's Wrath a Hawkzerker

The title says it all.
This is purely cosmetic and has little impact to game.
If you don’t want to this request then don’t, why I want to this to happen is because I want Baryl to be the only playable third tier Hawkzerker.

Why can’t I do it myself?
Its because my laptop is busted.

Here is the ups. File to the game:

Here is the animations:

Thank you Blademaster for the SGW Ups file.
Thank you TBA for the Hawkeye berserker animation

I recommend making the title “can anyone please make ….” Or some variation of that but I could be wrong

If I were to do that will technically make it a question.

Well… shit yeah you’re right. but the current sentence sounds so demanding. Well uh let’s see what the mods thinks then.

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its not hard to do it on febuilder… so do it yourself. also rephrasing it to “Can anyone please make Baryl ‘s third tier promotion animation from Sun God’s Wrath a Hawkeye berserker” would be the better way to ask a question.

He can’t his computer is sadly broken.

Hmm that makes sense so should I change it to a questions thread or keep it as a request thread?

Let’s try to not go too far off topic before we give the mods another reason to get annoyed or something

Hmm good point

There is already a class that uses Hawkzerker animations.

Yes I Know that but I want Baryl’s third tier promotion to be a hawkzerker.

I wouldn’t be asking this if it weren’t for my laptop becoming busted.

Day 1

have fun chief

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Yesss baby! thank you thank you :heart::heart::heart:.

one moment I realized I replaced the wrong animation fixing now

Ok then

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Once again thank you for fulfilling my request. :heart::heart::heart: