Please excuse the newb

so I would like to thank you guys for putting up with my last post but I would like for you to bear with me.
how do i function FEditor?

Install Java and run FEditor.jav in the dist folder

already done that

So what’s the question?

i guess i worded this wrong.
I mean how do i use it, right now im just messing around but i want to alter story, character, even design of such characters like Geitz or Matthew.

You use it to edit text, portraits, and battle and spell animations. You can rip and insert stuff from other games and insert it or insert custom stuff. It depends on what you want to do; check the doc folder for specific information.
Read the readme!!

forgive my lack of attention I prefer words form another person similar to me not a piece of paper i probably wont understand (simply put the dumb down version of the words)

from not form


true but i would like to thank you for not roasting me over an open fire

Will an oven do?


Here you go