Please change the berserker animation of the updated TLP into Hawkzerker

Yes I’m childish.
Here is ups file.

Here is the animation:

This will be my last request since I feel like I’m pushing my luck and I might get purged because this unnecessary requests might be annoying to the Mods.

Thank you Blazer for the wonderful hack you’ve created.
Thank you Itranc for the updated animations and some fixed bugs you did.
Thank you TBA for the Hawkzerker animation you did.

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So it begins again.
Day 1

Also to the people who might misunderstood the mods thing I don’t mean they are bad people, what I meant is I don’t want to test their patience since they have been here far longer than me and they are more experienced so it’s only fair to respect them.

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Try this

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Ok then

Thank you very much for this. :heart::heart::heart:

glad you got someone to do this but

this ain’t it chief
imagine timekeeping passive aggressively and then saying those things on the second quote, have you no self-awareness or anything


don’t think he meant anything personal by it. besides, his requests haven’t been that difficult, just some small changes.

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I’m confused on what you mean with this message.

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If I said something wrong I would like to apologize I didn’t mean to offend anyone or anything.