Pixel Art from Splinterocke Mug Portrait

I’m not sure if I’ll post here again, but I wanted to post a particular mug I made and starting a thread seems like the thing folks do. I’m hoping for feedback, as I would like to learn more about how to sprite bodies and armor. This is based off of a photo of a full suit of armor and is a bit of an experiment.
Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 6.38.18 PM
It is free to edit, as is anything I make.
I’m kind of curious if this would even work well in a hack, as it seems more photo realistic than a lot of armor seen in mugs.
Something I did notice, splicing a face to the armor, is that it’s a little petite for most male faces. If I did this again, I might increase the size slightly and move the center of the image a bit further up.


now gray, silver

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It looks amazing, but, if you want feedback, in the discord server is easier for the users to give it, anyways, if you want to see if this mug would work in a hack, i could try if its ok for you.

And im going to repeat it, it looks super good.

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Yep, I decided to just do it anyways.

Also, i will left this here if you want it.


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Can I use it on a private project?

It looks really good! But as you said, the photorealism means it clashes a bit with regular style FE sprites.
Nevertheless on it’s own it is a great sprite! Nice work :slight_smile:

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Go for it!

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Do it :smiley:

If you wanted to get a bit creative, I think its a good alternative to generic portraits. Sorta how in cartoons, background characters have less details or sometimes completely different art styles.

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