Pikmin's Stills


i mean you do have some dope stills


You have serious skills dude


Interesting. Some good concepts, some needing some proportion fixes. The colors generally seem slightly off in terms of saturation and contrast… but color me intrigued.


Thanks shep! Yeah, some of these are a bit dated. I try to update any old ones before they get animated.


Hey @pikmin1211 what happen with the tellius warrior animation? and for faceless animation you can give one sword for more weapons


No update on Warrior yet, Fighter is probably getting done first. As for Faceless I’d want a punch before any weapons.


Ahh ok is very bad of the warrior but more bad is the faceless wiouth sword ok thanks for answer i can only wait for the warrior animation


Ahh i forgoth comment you the class card of war monk and thaumage are broken


I just fixed the Thaumaturge with the new release.
War Monk should be fine but here’s a reupload if not.




Hey @Pikmin1211 what are you working and what is you next realease of animation?