Permission question?

Hi. I’m working on a hack, but I’ve never spent much time using forums like this. How do I go about getting permission to use others’ animations/portraits/ect. ? How would I contact any of these people (e.g., Salvaged)? The files I’ve downloaded from Emblem-Anims seem to have chat handles attached to them, but I don’t see any email addresses. Are they on here?

Thanks for your time.


Hello Prosodical!

Every animation that comes from Emblem Anims is Free to Use as are most assets on FEUniverse. Free to use or F2U means that you’ll be able to use the assets as long as you credit the person who made the resources. Most hack creators (myself included) do this crediting by creating an enormous list at the place where you post/publish the hack.

Good luck with your hack :smiley:

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Oh! Of course! That…makes a lot of sense. Hah. Thanks so much.

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