Pendragon's Splice Showcase


I’m getting better at splicing, so I’ll show off my cast for a story

Agen, the Barbarian

Chaize, the Adventurer

Fali, the Sellsword

Endeas, the Acolyte

Ezaile, the Therapist

Iala (iala), the Princess

Irea (Irealamadasachalis), the Scribe

Karymus, the Prodigy

Laen, the Merchant

Maref, the Loudest

Resid, the Silent

Nyrlae, the Villager

Okard, the Lookout

Sareya, the Survivor

Schall, the Librarian

Wileas, the Craftsman

Adiel, the Queen

Telen, the Scout

Horen, the Investigator


Those all look really good!
Are they free to use with credit?


They were supposed to be for my own project, so I’ll have to say no. Sorry about that ;-;