Patching ROMs for MAC users

So I don’t know why but patching for MAC users is harder and near impossible to find information online for. This is what this post is about. I have never made one of these tutorials and this is just stuff that worked for me and a few others I helped.

So the patcher that works extremely well for MAC is a patcher called MultiPatch which you can find online.
Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 5.49.09 PM
It should look like that when you open it up.

The next few steps are fairly simple. Make sure to have a working emulator the one I recommend for MAC users is one called OpenEmu. It should be fairly easy to find on Google.

After you make sure you have a functioning emulator you can acquire the rom hack you would like to play. Read the information provided in the posts for rom hacks to find which FE rom you need to download. Always make sure it is a new blank rom when patching. After you have the rom and the patch using MultiPatch is super easy.

You will want to make a folder for your new rom and patch to sit in. Name it whatever you like just make sure you can find it. After you have done that open up MultiPatch and fill in the spots for your patch and rom. You will not need to rename the file anything as it should format it correctly. Now you should have a functioning patched rom that you can play right away. Hope this helps some MAC users who might’ve been struggling.