Party Members disappearing with REMU

  • Hacking method: FEBuilder

  • Base Game: FE8

  • Steps to reproduce: I’ve created instances in my in-progress ROM hack where a character will leave the party for a few chapters. I do this through the REMU event, and then later return them to the party with the REVEAL event. That works perfectly.

But I’ve run into two related instances where it’s all gone awry.

In the first, a party member becomes an NPC for a chapter (they’re busy doing a ritual so they need to be protected). I then return them to the party with REVEAL… but that doesn’t work. If I force them into the chapter (not through preps) through the unit placer, they have whatever stats and items I assign them, instead of their old exp and growths and inventory… as if they’re a brand new unit! Yikes!

The second instance is related. I turn a party member into an enemy. They don’t really fight, they just ‘turn traitor’ and run away. A few chapters later, I try to add them back to the party with the REVEAL event. Same issue - they won’t rejoin the party in battle preps with this event anymore. If I spawn them in a chapter with unit placer, it’s like they’re a fresh unit.

So, what’s going on here? How can I fix it? I was to remove some party members at a few points. Make them NPCs or enemies. And then in a later chapter, return them with their old level, exp, stats, and inventory. Is this possible?

I have this vague idea of removing them with REMU. Then creating a ‘dummy unit’ that has their name and class and portrait, to serve as the NPC or enemy in relevant scenes. Then I REVEAL them back in. That way, they never actually change allegiance, it just looks that way through the use of the ‘fake’ unit. Like a body double sitting in. It’s a bit jank because the dummy unit won’t have their inventory or exp, but it’s something. I can give the dummy unit an approximate level and inventory, at least. Would this work?

My apologies for the long question. It 's a very odd situation.

Loading a unit as NPC or enemy, or changing their allegiance to NPC or enemy, completely erases them from the player’s party data, regardless of if they were REMU’d (REMU does not actually remove them from the party completely, it just sets them to be hidden, the game still needs to remember their data somewhere). Making duplicates to use as the NPC/enemy versions is the easiest way to resolve this, and it gives you more control over the balance of those chapters since you can set their exact stats and items for those appearances.

But if you really need to have them keep their stats and inventories from when they were playable, you can load them in the other faction, but only after the preps screen (otherwise the player could save in preps after they’re gone and then restart the chapter in such a way that their data is not preserved), and you’d have to make sure to change their allegiance back to player before they die or are cleared from the map (I do not know if the “change allegiance” command can work in a Death Quote event, so I don’t know if this is feasible with them dying as non-player units.

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This is because red/green units disappear when a chapter ends, unlike for blue units. All you have to do is make them blue before the chapter ends, then their data will be saved.

If they die while red or green, I think they can end up fully erased before the end of the chapter. Red and green units cease to exist after death.

Their death quote could change them to blue in that case, then set them to dead. Could also try the “add unit to party version 2” command.

Changing them to blue in the death quote event would be the solution there if that works (of course, you’d need to later remove the “dead” status after the chapter if you want them to still come back as playable)

Thank you for all the great explanations. I’m going to go with the dummy unit idea to keep things simple. REMU them while they’re blue, throw in a green/red dummy when needed, and REVEAL them when the time is right for them to return to the party.

lol I had no idea I was permanently erasing party members!!!

A dummy unit is a more complex solution in my opinion, but it’s not like running out of unit IDs is a common issue so there’s not really a problem in using extra ones. Dummy units also create the problem of stats, so if you want the dummy unit to have the same stats as the original unit, you can use the Unit Takeover / Set Unit Status patches to get around it.